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GAMEPLAN's A+ LIST : Dec 08 - Feb 09

AWARD WINNER this round: Stella Karras, Personal Trainer, Sydney. Congratulations! You've won a well deserved gorgeous pamper kit. This will be sent to you in Feb 09 when you're back from your holidays.



Sebastien So, Head of Seba Cre8tive, Web Agency extraordinaire

Bomi Kim Mahon of Seba Cre8tive - for being the ultimate account manager - patient, responsive, organised

Jennifer Chung of Seba Cre8tive - programmer with a punch. She has created a user friendly CMS system for Gameplan Coaching Services.


Stella Karras of Sydney, who has been kicking her goals this year with focus and sheer willpower. This lady is on a mission!


Just got back from Forster-Tuncurry in northern NSW in Dec 09. Appreciate the locals TonyRobbie who introduced us to sea and lake fishing and crabbing. and 

Aha moments:

Thanks to Hong Im of Colmar Brunton Research Sydney, whom, at a yum cha lunch recently shared her simple yet profound wisdom on courage and embracing uncertainty. We emerge from taking risks, making an investment in our lives and learnings, having faith and courage in pursuit of our dreams a much stronger and better person by the chances and opportunities we take in life, no matter what the outcome may be.