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The Smart Market Researcher

Smart market researchers - coaching and training for performance and leadershipGAMEPLAN Coaching - Finally, a Coach for the Market Research Industry who knows market research inside out.

Get the edge in peak performance and leadership!


"Karyne is a diligent intelligent woman who has great energy, morals, compassion, attention to detail and strategic focus. She works well on projects, seeking clarity about expectations and then continually checking to ensure the project is meeting expectations."

John Shanahan, CEO of Colmar Brunton Australia, April 21, 2009 


GCS understands and supports the needs of market researchers in a competitive and highly demanding service industry.

This is an excellent niche market research training program specially designed for the market research industry. This will suit all levels of MR executives - from the market research analyst, the multi-tasking project manager, client servicing executive, field staff to the high powered, high passionate senior executives, directors and senior management. It will also suit businesses who want to conduct their own market research but do not know where to start.

CEOs, Managing Directors, General Managers: If you believe that people are your most important assets in a competitive service industry, isn't it about time you looked into how you are investing in your assets?

  • What is your ROI on human capital?
  • Are they being steered in the right strategic direction?
  • Are they aligned to the Vision and Values of your organisation?
  • How else can your human capital be effective in contributing to the bottom-line?
  • Are your staff looking after your business and your clients well?


"Karyne worked for our company Phoenix Research before working at Gameplan Coaching. She is an outstanding researcher, with very good accuracy, a clear sense of strategic direction and a very strong work ethic.

She has extremely good design sense and ability to communicate research findings effectively. She is also a delight to work with and know as a colleague."

David Fougere, Managing Director at Phoenix Research, New Zealand


Market researchers and executives:

  • Have you been in a situation where you or your colleague felt overwhelmed, stressed, tired, overworked and under-supported when projects are being managed to a tight deadline? The clients are calling for that overdue report, fieldwork or data processing has been delayed by yet another day, your team member is sick and the rest of the team are doing their best to keep the projects and themselves afloat.
  • Have you occasionally felt that your work life balance has flown out the window, and there was no alternative solution to your situation? Do you feel trapped, and that time is ticking away?
  • How do you learn to say No at the right time without feeling that you may jeopardise your career, affect your team performance or disappoint your clients?
  • How are you planning your career path? Is someone watching out for your career pathway to success? Are you stepping up in your game plan?
  • How are you showing up for your team?
  • What would it take in order for you to be the best in your field, and yet have a great quality of life, have fun at work and love what you do?


DIY Market Researchers and all who are designing their own market research programs for their departments or businesses:

  • Do you sometimes wonder if there was an easier way?
  • Would you like to bounce some research ideas and have a sounding board to help you stay on the right track? This may save you a lot of time and money in the longer term.
  • Deciding on Qualitative or Quantitative research? Which one's best suited for what we need? I can help you with that.
  • How to I  select a good MR agency?  I can help you, no obligations, and I receive no commissions from any agencies. So when we work together in the selection process, I will be working solely in your best interests.
"Karyne was always great to work with. She has a passion for research and was continuously looking for the best ways to provide her clients with actionable insight."
Chris Howden, Manager/Head of Marketing Science, Colmar Brunton Research


Managers & Team leaders:

  • Have you ever wondered how you could boost your team's resourcefulness, communication, engagement, productivity and motivational levels even more, so that you will have a STAR team?
  • Do you sometimes feel torn or stretched between managing your stakeholders, key clients and projects whilst nurturing and challenging your team in their training and development needs?
  • How can you coach your team for consistent and maximum performance?
  • How do you empower them to be independent, confident and resourceful?
  • Do you have an apprehension for Sales, and prefer to bury yourself in the safe areas of research, data and analysis rather than cold calling or selling your services to existing or new clients
  • How do you step up even more in your role as a leader to lead, serve, challenge, support, inspire the people around you?


"Karyne pays a lot attention to detail. She communicates well in the strategic business approach to business entities involved and is always approachable and energized with day to day business issues.
She provides Quality service with smile :)" 

Freddy Sandjaja, Programmer/Marketing Scientist, Colmar Brunton Research


Well, now is the time to diffuse the areas that are holding you back from the next level of success. As a trainer and coach that has come directly from the market research industry, Karyne Ang of Gameplan Coaching Services can help you and your team overcome the industry and workplace challenges faced by new market researchers all the way up to Senior Management.

GCS has several induction, coaching and training programs tailored especially for market researchers. Contact us today to discuss your market research mentoring, coaching and training needs.


Market Research Group Training and Coaching

We offer market research inductions, topical group training, workshops and coaching sessions for market researchers (1-2 hours each session).

Assigned trainers are accessible by email for post-training learning application and feedback. Trainers and participants are encouraged to have email communications to ensure learnings are applied in the workplace.

Some of these topics include:

  1. Productivity and effectiveness in the workplace - 2 hour workshop
  2. Leadership for empowerment and success - Basic and Advanced session
  3. Building outstanding client relationships
  4. Introduce and use coaching in your organisation (for trainers and leaders)
  5. Communication Skills - 2 days
  6. Keys to dealing with stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  7. Networking for your business success
  8. Performance Boosters at work
  9. Presentation skills and effective group communication - 1 day
  10. Project management
  11. Strategic account management
  12. Time management
  13. Work-life balance
  14. Writing a winning proposal
  15. Self leadership and accountability: Managing myself at work
  16. 6 core human needs and how to use them in leadership and performance motivation
  17. Evaluating market research suitability depending on business insight needs and budgets
  18. Survey design and questionnaire development for DIY market researchers

One size does not always fit all: These topics can also be catered to individual learning and development on a one-on-one basis.

Karyne is a member of the AMSRS and has 15 years experience in market research and brand management.

As a coach and trainer, Karyne has a desire to share her past experience of market research as a career with fellow researchers. She has worked on both the client and agency sides, and is well versed with the needs and the tempo of the industry.

She has steered her market research teams to heights of performance and success, contributing to the bottom line in dramatic proportions. She is passionate about facilitating the understanding of and pursuit of great leadership and performance management in the market research industry as well as across other industries.

Contact us today to discuss your coaching and training needs. Karyne would love to talk to you over the phone or meet you (Sydney).


Bonus: Mention this website when you contact us, and get a complimentary 1 hour training presentation on 'Exceptional Performance for Leadership and Success' at your Sydney office. Bookings must be made 4 weeks prior to required session date. Bookings will be accepted until we reach maximum capacity, so hurry! Read more about this Smart Market Researcher promotion.