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Vision & Values

"We go where our vision is."
Joseph Murphy

Our VISION is to enable coaching to be accessible to the community, to help make a difference in the lives of others through personal and professional empowerment.
The image of excellence, authenticity, commitment and growth will occupy a distinct and valued place in the targeted customer's mind.

It will be a catalyst for empowerment and transformation which will impact and create a ripple effect in the community far beyond our imagination.

Our MISSION is to
commit to assist in developing individuals and transforming organizations by encouraging and motivating people to reach their highest potential, lead inspired lives and adopt every opportunity to make a positive difference.

Our mission is accomplished through the vehicles we specialise in: market research training, inductions and coaching sessions, small business coaching, executive coaching, leadership and performance programs and workshops for individuals and groups that create results for innovative thinkers and leaders.

For something fun, different and edgy, and to push people beyond their boundaries and comfort zones in a secure setting, we also offer the Superchicks Experiential Adventure coaching program for women of action.



  • Be a catalyst for positive change
  • Demonstrate and provide respect to all our clients
  • Provide a relaxed, safe and supportive environment
  • Provide the highest levels of confidentiality
  • Deliver integrity and excellence
  • Be progressive and positive
  • Encourage growth, learning, curiousity, creativity, flexibility and capability
  • Embrace authenticity through commitment, courage, honesty and confidence in the business and the individual.
  • Instil fun and playfulness in our work
  • Appreciate and acknowledge our clients' (and our own) achievements